Property Management 

Triland Property Commercial prides itself on maintaining relationships with a small group of like-minded landlords. You will never hear us boast of 5 million+ sf under management, nor name drop any of the larger institutional investors as our clients. That is simply not our model, nor is it our aspiration as we clearly understand that more properties under management can mean less attention per property. Rather than assign a number to a long list of properties and landlords, we prefer to place the emphasis on the numbers associated with the properties we manage. Our attention to detail and emphasis on cost reduction and increasing a property’s average lease rate typically translates into a greater net operating income and ROI for our clients. A greater return for our landlords means a longer lasting relationship for Triland. 

Triland Property is a full service Property Management company with only commercial properties in its portfolio. 

For questions or proposals, please contact Yezen Hamad.

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